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You want to be healthy and active – and encourage others to do the same. 为什么不 这是你的职业道路吗?? Consider a degree in kinesiology. Your passion for personal health can help build a better quality of life for others. Ouachita’s program offers five emphases to allow you to choose a course of study that fits your individual career 目标.

As a kinesiology major at Ouachita, you will be trained in how to create healthy habits that will lead to better physical health and movements. And with the Department of 运动机能学's commitment to provide you with evidence-based and experiential education, you will be equipped for professions in fitness, health, teaching, recreation, sports and leisure activities.

  • 体育训练

    Cardiac Rehabilitation

    Clinical Exercise Physiologist


    Occupational or Physical Therapy


Adaptive Physical 教育

Basis of Human Movement

Biomechanical Analysis

Exercise Prescription

Physiology of Exercise

强度 & 调节

这 flexible degree program allows you to choose an emphasis to suit your interests and the needs of your future career path:

  • 教学
  • 娱乐 & Sports Administration
  • 运动科学
  • Pre-Professional Studies
  • 娱乐 & 体育部

View the detailed degree requirements PDF to see all courses included in the program.


Learn more about the Department of 运动机能学.

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Area High 学校 in 5 Counties Served by Concussion Clinic

5 重点, 4 Minors:


A teaching emphasis will prepare you to work as a teacher* and coach in the public or private sector by instructing you in physical education and providing you with an endorsement in coaching. The teaching emphasis also involves one semester of a professional internship (学生 teaching) prior to graduation. The teaching emphasis is paired with a second major in education and prepares you for K-12 licensure in 健康教育.

*You also must complete state licensure requirements.

这 track is also available as a 21-hour coaching minor. See the university catalog for current 课程要求.

娱乐 & sports administration emphasis is for those interested in working in such roles as an athletic director, recreation director for youth services or as 一个公园 & recreation administrator. With an interdisciplinary curriculum with courses from business, communications, sociology and more, you’ll be prepared for a career 的领导.

这 track is also available as a 21-hour minor. See the university catalog for current 课程要求.

If you plan to work in the exercise industry – for example, corporate health, medical wellness or cancer exercise – the exercise science emphasis will help you earn your exercise science certification through the American College of Sports Medicine. 这 is also a great choice if you are interested in continuing your education in a exercise science graduate program.

这 track is also available as a 21-hour minor. See the university catalog for current 课程要求.

Are your career 目标 in physical or occupational therapy, exercise science, cardiac rehabilitation, athletic training or another health-related profession? The pre-professional studies emphasis is tailored to challenge you and equip you with the knowledge and skills that will give you a head start in graduate school.

Whether you can see yourself working for a faith-based organization, camp, university or as a missionary, with an emphasis in recreation and sports ministry you will learn how to utilize recreation and sports to create community and lead others to a knowledge 基督的.

这 track is also available as a 21-hour minor. See the university catalog for current 课程要求.


hear from a faculty member & 学生

"The Department of 运动机能学’s pre-professional program helped me prepare to be successful in achieving my master of science degree in occupational therapy. 的知识 gained in these kinesiology courses concerning the body and its functions assisted with my completion of courses in graduate school. I would encourage anyone interested in pursuing a degree in occupational or physical therapy to consider the pre-professional track here at Ouachita."

2016 graduate and registered and licensed occupational therapist



Yes, kinesiology is about the body. But as exercise scientists, we are dedicated to more than exercise; we use our knowledge of how the body, mind and spirit work together to recommend the best treatments for physical health. At Ouachita, you will be trained to assess your patients and their individualized needs – physical, spiritual and cultural – and provide treatment that is healthy for their specific body type.



运动机能学 is a hands-on field, so why should your training be any different? 从 promoting an Exercise is Medicine® On Campus event for the surrounding community to working as a trainer with Ouachita’s 15 NCAA DII athletics teams, you’ll have many opportunities to gain experience that 有所不同. As a senior, you will work alongside an exercise professional in a setting of your choice.



Ouachita’s Department of 运动机能学 works closely with the local community to make a real difference in the lives of individuals. For example, 学生s in our 社区 Outreach Lab learn to write and prescribe exercise to community members who want to make a change to their health. Other opportunities include a fitness program for adults with developmental disabilities and a concussion clinic for local athletes.



under the instruction of specialized faculty

Ouachita’s kinesiology graduates are known for being well-prepared upon graduation, and we know that has a lot to do with our faculty. 从 athletic training and group therapy to outdoor recreation and coaching, our faculty have specialized and spent years in their fields, and you will benefit from a quality education and personal instruction that gives you the confidence to succeed – no matter your pursuits. 三个 of our four members are certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, and they all have a passion for promoting healthy living through therapeutic exercise. Additionally, their connections will offer you experiences unlike other undergraduate programs: for example, you will dissect a cadaver with an experienced orthopedic surgeon. The field of kinesiology is broad, and we are here to help you reach your 目标.



The Huckabee School of 教育 is dedicated to the growth of future servant leaders in professions that maximize the potential of individuals and society through Christ-centered programs that lead to the maturing of the mind and body, linking love of God and love of learning.


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